Friday, November 30, 2018

Got Geese?

If you're familiar with my Build-A-Stitch series of books, these will look familiar. In all my *spare time* I've been feverishly working on digitizing (if you follow here you're probably sick of it) and seriously, it's kinda fun!  So, here are five BAS designs for flying geese - they are available on Gammill's Pattern Cloud:






I originally developed the Build-A-Stitch technique to help beginners become confident with their free-motion skills and gain muscle memory, but here I am making those same stitches available to computerized people... kinda funny - but I wouldn't want to exclude anyone from the Build-A-Stitch awesomeness!

Well... if you know me you already know that I'm kinda an over-achiever.  So, if you're curious, yes there are many more coming!  Now, time to get back to some client work!

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