Monday, September 10, 2018

Andromeda Crossing

I'm pleased to introduce you to Andromeda Crossing.  This morning I finished her and this afternoon shipped it off!  It will be debuting at MQX Midwest so hopefully, if you're there you can see it!

And a few detail pics:

And a peek at the back before blocking, binding, and the sleeve was done:

So, the details...
The front hand dyed mandalas are my own.  I did them in a private group class with Cindy Lohbeck of Hands on Hand Dyes.  If you want to read more about that day, click here.  It was a lot of fun.  So from then until now, I've changed the squares quite a bit.  I added frames, cut a few of them up, and kinda made some magic happen!  There are a few progress posts of this piece over on my Patreon page (subscription) if you want to see more!  I'm also hoping to have a few more posts over there about the quilting, even though I didn't get to film much of it as there wasn't much extra time with my overdue deadline!  The beautiful backing is a piece dyed by Sondra Millard of She's Got Mojo.

So... the name, Andromeda Crossing.  Well, this quilt went through several names (formally thanking my friends for dealing with me through that)... it was bad.  Finally one day my friend Marian said the dyes kinda look like nebulas.  So I did a little research and found this photo of the Andromeda galaxy on Wikipedia:

Wow... purple and brown just like my fabrics!  And the crossing comes from the somewhat of an X pattern in my design.  So that's how I came up with Andromeda Crossing!

I do want to share that this beauty has 49.87 hours of quilting in it - we're just gonna round that up to 50!  That is just quilting hours, not construction, not design planning, just quilting.  And, I have done my fastest binding ever on this beauty... and yes, I have the bloody fingers to prove it!  And, after all that, why not add a few hundred dollars worth of Swarovski crystals?!!  Oh, and it finished up at 83" square (one of my largest pieces yet).  Is it perfect, not even close, but I am so unbelievably happy with it!!

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  1. Stunning! 50hrs quilting! Wishing you luck, it's amazing.