Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cherrywood Challenge 2018

The Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabric Challenge for 2018 was Prince.  Entries were due yesterday -- me, I actually completed my online entry early -- way back on June 29th - woohoo!

Cherrywood has announced that there were 388 entries... wow!  Now the wait begins to see who will be selected. 

I know you're all waiting... so here it is -
That Night at First Avenue

I had my design for this years challenge right after I purchased my fabrics.  Then, it sat.  And sat some more.  It sat for so long that I truly didn't think I was going to do anything with it.

Then, a friend posted some pics of the Van Gogh challenge and just happened to share a photo of mine along with some beautiful words... that.  That is what sparked my desire to get off my busy butt and get to work on my Prince Challenge.

I actually came together quite quickly.  I thought I was finished but, then I realized that I really wanted to stitch down all the edges to that raw edge applique... I started thinking if my piece gets selected and travels around, I really don't want little pieces of detail falling off -- no, I never trust fused raw edge anymore.  So I spent some time slowly stitching all those tiny pieces.  I think it was worth it -- I'm pleased with my piece.

And a few detail pics:

So we won't know how many pieces are selected until July 13, when all finalists are notified.  Well, my fingers are crossed...

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