Monday, August 21, 2017

AQS Grand Rapids 2017

I've just returned from an awesome week teaching at AQS Grand Rapids.  I always love teaching but, last week was a little extra awesome because my Journeys Thru Art group won First Place in the Ultimate Guild Challenge.  So I'll start there -

If you want to see individual pics of each one, you can refer back to my original post here.  Winning is always fun and it's even more fun when you're at the show.  Early on Wednesday morning I was interviewed live on the morning news.  Unfortunately, I don't have a link to the broadcast but, I do have video provided courtesy of Jen Smith of Gammill.  I again have to thank her for getting up early as well so that my hubby, and all of you, could see it too!  So yes, I was a wee bit nervous -- it's live, no edits!

Here are me and Jen in front of my bridge quilt, Trenton Makes:

And how cool is this -- Nancy's bridge made the show program!

So walking in I took this pic -

And then this one outside my classroom -

And then it all went downhill... me, who takes pictures of almost everything, did not take a single picture of classes... until Friday when I remembered and I grabbed a couple of the students with their projects.

Yep... they are the only pictures I took.  Guess we were having too much fun learning and sharing!

If you follow along on Facebook, you'll remember I was shipping Wonderlust off for yet another journey.  Here she is hanging as part of the Gammill Showcase.  Wonderlust, along with several other quilts from other Gammill Quilt Artists will be traveling around to various AQS shows.

Although I didn't take many classroom pics, I did manage a couple friend pics:

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  1. The class I took on Wednesday was great! Thank youl