Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MQS is next week!

Wow, time flew by faster than its normal super-speedy rate!

Although I am super excited about teaching next week, I am nowhere near ready. Today I managed to finish up my handouts and send them off to the printer. Hopefully, I was typing coherently and they make sense -- if not, it'll be similar to speaking with me when I'm super ADD.  Tomorrow I need to get all my fabric/batting kits ready and somehow get them into my suitcase. If not, it'll be a quick trip to Fedex for two-day shipping.  This is the most unorganized I have been in a long while. So many things going on - both client work as well as my own work (more on that later).

Enough of my crazies, back to MQS - you remember that last post where I showed you my block for the Teachers Auction quilt. Here is a peek at my block all quilted up by my amazing friend Gina Perkes.
photo by Gina Perkes/the Copper Needle
Isn't it awesome?!! And here's a peek at the Teachers Quilt - even more awesomeness:
photo by Gina Perkes/the Copper Needle

All the teachers that created blocks did an excellent job and Gina created a super cool sashing and did some beautiful stitches to pull it all together!  I'm so proud to be part of this amazing group!

Okay, again back to that last post... remember I was going to donate one of my earlier pieces for the Audacious Auction?  Well, here it is - Sidewalk Chalk:

Do you remember Sidewalk Chalk? If not, and you want to know all about it, click here

Well, I think that's it... hope to see you next week at MQS!

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