Monday, November 2, 2015

Mr Pelican is done!

So I spent all day yesterday - and I mean ALL DAY. The dogs woke me up promptly at 5:00 am - apparently no one told them about the time change. Up that early meant only one thing, lots of work would be happening on the pelicans.

I started with making my applique pieces:

Remember the last pelican post - the one where I forgot to take before pictures almost every time. Well this time I was smart. I placed all my pieces together and took the before pic.

The feathers along the backside:

Then the tail feathers:

Next was the underbelly:

And then the large wing feather (yep, forgot a single pic of that one).
But here is the finished pelican:

Now all that's left to work on is the background. I know I hard started it, but it needs more work. Then I need to invisible applique all the pieces of both pelicans together, and then the placement on the background. It's all coming together nicely!