Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shocking the System... again!

For those that are new to the blog or those that don't remember -- no worries, I forget stuff constantly, especially all that important stuff I'm supposed to remember!  Anyway, yesterday I started on my shock diet again.  If you have some time and want to catch up on the history (including pictures -- yes, I'm a brave girl) follow the links:


If not, here's the quickie version:  I quit smoking, put on 60+ pounds, now don't get me wrong - I did WW -- yep, actually gained weight while counting all those points.  I had a couple thyroid issues so I went to the doctor.  Well, he explained to me no matter how many points I counted I wasn't going to lose weight that way -- I was a carb hoarder, everything I was eating was being stored away for later.  Really?  Later... like when I finally got stuck on that deserted island?  He did a bunch of blood work and decided that a no-carb shock diet would be the best way for me to go.  So for two weeks I ate no carbs,was a crazy veggie-eating woman and lost 13.5 pounds.  I added minimal carbs back into my diet and still managed to lose a total of 20 pounds.  That was about 1/3 of the weight I needed to lose.

Well I slowly added real carbs back into my world, which brings us to now.  No, I'm not packing the weight back on -- that was the entire purpose of shocking my system -- to retrain my body not to hoard them, to actually use them, as long I wasn't a carb-crazed woman I'd be okay.

Here comes the bad news... I put on weight -- only three pounds, but I don't want any back.  In fact, I'd love to lose a little more!  I guess if I had kept paying attention to all the carbs I'd been eating it might have made a difference.  But this is where the re-shock comes in to play -- hopefully it'll reboot my systems and possibly retrain my carb cravings just a bit.

So here is the Round 2 Day 1 picture:

I'll let you all know how it goes.  I've got help this time, my son's girlfriend is doing the shock as well!

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  1. Wow! Your pic looks great! You even have collarbone showing! (That's always my indication of a fit person! lol) Way to go!