Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fun Day!

Yes, Fridays are my sew day.  My day off to work on my own stuff -- sewing, quilting, fun stuff -- you know the creative fun zone!

This afternoon me, Nancy, and Mari worked on tie-dye shirts.  The shirts are for the red, white, and blue party at the guild next month.  What a blast we had!

We all tried a different folding technique.  Mine is a bullseye pattern, Mari did a chevron, and Nancy did a spiral.  I can not wait to see what they look like.  Outside they go in an attempt to speed up the dry time.

Oh, I mentioned bullseye, chevron, and spiral folds.  If you are interested in doing tie dye just head over to google (or your favorite search engine) -- there is a superabundance of info out there in internet land for so many different types of folds.

While the t-shirts were outside drying I couldn't help myself.  There was still a bottle of yellow dye in the kit just screaming to be used so I grabbed an old tank and a cute curly stencil and...

Do you notice those dark stripes across the shirt?  That was a mistake turned awesome!  Don't you love when that happens?  When I sprayed the dye over the stencil it left a dark line from the overspray as well as a bright white line from the stencil edge.  So where the line-ups were I manually sprayed a dark line.  To keep it looking planned I added several other dark lines.  I think it turned out pretty cool!

Okay, fast forward several hours of drying...  Yes, they are still damp - but we need to cut all the rubber bands and lay them out flat for additional drying before the heat setting.

Here is mine - the bulls eye:

Here is Nancy's - the spiral:

Here is Mari's - the chevron:

It was a super fun day and I think we all did some pretty amazing tie dying!  If you get the chance you should definitely try it (if you haven't already)!

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