Sunday, February 10, 2013

I know it's been a while since I had a meaningful post.  You know other than a recap of my photo a day challenge.  It's just so much has happened -- both good and bad -- and it is kinda' hard to combine the two, so I will try my best.  You'll just be reading along, me on the other hand will be going through an emotional roller coaster over here...

We'll start with the bad - Mabel, our most loving fur-girl! ...and here come the tears.  Some of you know how hard this past year has been and how much we have gone through.  But, everything turned for the worse back in the end of January and we had to make the hardest decision ever...

Mabel was just shy of her 9th birthday.  Mabel was my favorite dog -ever.  Mabel was diabetic.  Mabel was full of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.  Mabel lived a great life.  Mabel never knew she was a dog -- she thought she was one of us and Peaches was our pet.
We will miss you Mabs!

Here's why I said roller coaster... where do I go from here.  I always like to start with the bad news - it's done, it's over - now on to the good!  Me, I'm taking a quick break to get a cup of coffee -- you all can keep reading...

Yummmmm, that's a good cuppa' coffee!

Where to start... 
Wonderlust and The Choice both hung proudly at Road to California.  No ribbons, but I'm sure lots of people enjoyed looking at them just the same.  Which leads into more good news.  Two of my quilts, The Choice and Stella Luminosa, will be traveling in a special longarm exhibit with Original Sewing and Quilt Expo for all of their 2013 shows - how freaking exciting is that?  What an honor to have been asked to participate.  So, if you're at any of the OSQE shows (and there are a lot of them) make sure you check out the exhibit!

AND.... as if all of that wasn't big enough news.  Here it comes -
I am now a Gammill Quilting Artist - whoa, this is big fantastic news!  The formal announcement has yet to be made, but you can visit my artist page on their website and check out all the other good stuff as well!! They have a great new forum which is fantastic for those needing help and advice.  Click here to check it out!  And, if you happen to be visiting Gammill HQ you can visit four of my quilts while you are there -- yes four, Oliver, Clouds in My Latte, Iron Acanthus, and Simon's Folly -- they are living there for a little while.  Lots more big news coming up about this awesome-ness so stay tuned!


  1. Oh, wow! That is fantastic news! About the quilting artist part, but I already am a big fan of your work. So nice for you to get the acclaims you deserve. On the sad side, I know your pain about Mabel. I had such a love in my life and it will be with you always. Enough said. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  2. Congrats on your wonderful news! And I'm hoping to get to the OSQE show in VA in Oct! Woot!

    So sorry to hear of your loss.....but take comfort that you gave Mabel a wonderful, loving, and fun-filled life.....and that's all our little friends ever want!

  3. So sorry about Mabel but you will see her again! - she has no pain now, so that is a good thing! -- memories are what holds us together like thread! between this world and the next world and since you are a fabulous thread artist! in the quilting division! Mabel is only a thread away and still tied to your heart. have a marvelous day!
    had to re-do to correct my grammar somewhat :)

  4. Oh you poor things. We lost our boxer 14 years ago and we still miss her terribly. It was the worst of days and the best of days because our twin grandsons who were nine weeks prem came out of their incubators on the same day. Puck was one of the family. She played hide and seek with the kids. She sat on her bum on our knee. She slept with the cat...when she was denied access to our bed. Well, some things are private! She was the best. All our love to you. Mabel was my Darling mum's name too...