Sunday, January 6, 2013

Article coming up... soon!

Last week was a crazy deadline.  Well, the deadline wasn't crazy, I was.

A while back I was asked to write an article for Machine Quilting Unlimited.  Sure, why not, sounds great. Meanwhile, I got back from Houston/Quilt Festival, managed to survive through Thanksgiving without gaining 12 pounds, and began writing.  Writing and quilting and writing, oh, and a little more quilting.  Well, I managed to not only be on time with my article, I was actually one day early... whew!

I can't share too much, you'll have to wait for the article to publish, but it will be well worth it.  It is a fantastic magazine and if you aren't already a subscriber, you should be!  It is everything machine quilting -- hmm, maybe that's how they got the name?!!  My article is scheduled to be in the May 2013 issue -- make sure you watch for it!  You can buy single and back issues here (if you remember, Clouds in My Latte was in the September 2012 issue).

Until then, here are just a couple of tiny peeks to keep you on the edge of your seat:

Flies and Weeds (detail)

Flies and Weeds (detail of back)

Flies and Weeds (detail of back)
Okay, now that you've seen the pretty, let me share the horror...

Yes, that is a 4" tuck in my backing.  Now to fix it!

All the stitches in and around the tuck get removed.  And then some fabric manipulation occurs.  Then the area gets re-quilted matching up all the stitching lines.  Fixed!  And yes, I am human (pinch myself every morning just to double check)  I make mistakes, things go wrong, and I share these things to let you know it happens to the best of us!  Don't ever get discouraged, almost everything that goes wrong can be fixed... almost!

And just to keep it fun... here was my Gammill on Christmas night -- it is kind of dressed up for the holiday wouldn't you say?!!  Yes, with deadlines comes quilting on Christmas!


  1. Unbelieveable work and to think of tearing that out and rematching it all.
    All I can say is God
    bless you in your patience and wonderful work.

  2. Very exciting for you..looking forward to the article and of course, your quilting here is fabulous!

  3. It's good to see that even you can be human, Karen! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hi Karen, I looked for an contact or email for you but don't see one. I hope you don't mind me asking here as a comment. Would you mind telling me what attachment you have for attaching your camera to your machine? Where you bought it? I need to purchase something but I'm not sure what. I like the quality video you got with your attachment. No shakiness.

    Thank you. My email is estes anita at bellsouth dot net

  5. Again, you ENCOURAGE me!! What would I do without you, McLisa, and Cathy!! I live for your posts and comments!! Once again, as I said before, deaf isolation takes its toll! But, you make all the difference! THANK YOU !!!!!