Monday, November 12, 2012

World Quilt Show Florida IV - MCQG Challenge

You all remember me working my little heart out on Bend, right?... No?, click here for catch up on the other posts about Bend.

Well, we just had the World Quilt Show Florida IV in West Palm Beach (another post with more on this soon) -- this is where the Martin County Quilters displayed the 2012 Challenge - Scrappy Leaves.  The challenge in which Bend was born.  We don't know the winners of the challenge until the December meeting... yes, the waiting really is killing me.  So until then, here they are (in no particular order) - the 2012 Martin County Challenges:

The Ninepatchers - A Family Reunion Quilt Pattern (Giggle Leaps By Mickey Depre)

So there you have it!  Some amazing talent in this group!


  1. What a diverse group of quilts! Whoever is picking the winner sure has a tough job! Hope yours is the one!