Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shop Hopped

A couple of weeks ago we (me and two of my besties) went on a shop hop.  This was what we consider a super-fun field trip as we no longer have any local quilt shops (LQS), and the fact that when we are together it gets a little crazy -- in a super fun stupidly non-stop giggling sort of way!

In the beginning...
we were driving...
well, Nancy was driving, I was taking pictures, and Natalie was just chilling.

And of course, there was lowered speed limit, so it felt like forever... not really, but you know!

So our first stop was Merritt Island.  A very nice shop (newer, I think) -- super helpful staff!
Sew Central, 353 E Merritt Island Cswy, Merritt Island, FL 32952

I picked up some beautiful grey sunbleached chambray -- and apparently my grey phase is not yet over!  And here is me photo-bombing Natalie's pic:

And, coming back from the island I took a picture while going over the bridge -- this is something I do, like over every bridge... seriously, don't ever travel with me -- I am weird!

Now I wish I had remembered to take a picture at each shop, but that didn't happen.  My attention span got the best of me!  I will post each shops name and address just in case you'd like to go visit them.  They were all pretty great shops!

And some car humor..  It seriously does not take much to amuse me.  This is the cutest little mirror in Nancy's car.

Next on the hop was Quilting Folks, 200 Forrest Ave., Cocoa, FL 32922
and no, not a single picture.  And honestly, the entire day is a blur... but I did pick up two spools of Floriani thread to try out, as per my buddy, McLisa Sipes this is an awesome thread.  I'll let you all know, one day soon, or at least I hope, soon.

And next... The Quilt Place, 575 Barton Blvd., Rockledge, FL 32955

There they are... my besties - Nancy and Natalie!  And upon walking into the store ran into a few of our PSL croonies -- Pat and Gerri...  Lori is missing behind the camera and Marian and Joyce were on their way!

So at The Quilt Place I snookered up a few pieces of fabric -- yellow, green, and brown Kona dimensions -- luscious fabric!!!  I'm thinking a table runner for the dining room!  Don't even hold your breath until it happens.  One day, not necessarily any day in the near future!  Oh, and they had fresh coffee... soooo nice of them!

So by this point we were starving... stah--ving!  Thank goodness Marian and Joyce knew about a place just down the street -- good food, great company -- the makings of a perfect lunch!

And I know the picture is blurry -- the waitress took it.  I was just thankful she took one, didn't want to press my luck.

From there were went to Quilts and Lace, 7720 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL
This was an interesting stop... saw a black satin Latte quilt -- interesting, not very much quilting on it.  We also had tornado warnings... they're always so much fun!  And, I played on their Baby Lock mid arm - and yes, Natalie snapped a picture!

This little "mid-arm" felt like a tiny little microscopic machine, and I was non-regulated stitching using 95% of the motor just playing... seriously -- I'll stay with my Gammill!  But I did stitch away soooo much showing Joyce what is possible that the shop owner told me he was going to charge me for the fabric I just stitched on... ??

Driving to the next stop... craziness ensued... and only three of us will laugh at this...  "you are a BAD leader"!!!

Next on the list was Sewing Gallery, 4501 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935
It was here at this adorable little shop that I found Yenmet thread.  As I was informed by McLisa, this is awesome thread!  I bought a pale pink opalescent and can't wait to try it!  Also at this shop I found an entire corner of dupioni silk... yum-ness!  All three of us, me, Nancy, an Natalie purchased some.  I will definitely keep this shop on my list!  Warning... nerd alert... here's me being me finding cool thread and beautiful silks! (and that is a kinda' scary look -- I am sure I was in mid-word -- I talk a lot, in case you didn't know)...

It was at this point that Marian and Joyce went on their way, and Nancy, Nat, and I continued hopping.

Next up was Boutique 4 Quilters, 2945 W. New Haven Avenue., Melbourne, FL 32904
This is where our guild recently had a quilters day out.  Great shop, great staff -- beyond friendly and helpful.

Coffee... must have coffee... detour to find something, anything.. McDonalds -- it'll do!  Mocha Frappe coming right up.  Okay, totally recharged, and continue...

It was at this point we experienced GPS meltdown... one GPS unit, a Droid phone, and an iphone... all three different directions... all three.. WRONG!

Well, we're at water... left would be north and right would be south.  We're going right.  All three GPS's told us approximately 6 miles... well guess what... nothingness was in 6 miles... it's 5:45, the shop hop ends at 6:00!  We have all but one stamp on our passports... seriously!  We call, they say we're about 12 miles away... and that they would be more than happy to stay open for us!  Awesomeness!

Here's the final stop for the day!
Marilou's Quilting and Sewing Center, 8802 US 1, Sebastian, FL 32958.
Great people... seriously.  Anyone willing to stay open for three lost wacko quilters is awesome!  It was here that I purchased some amazingly beautiful bridal satin.  OMG, it is a wholecloth waiting to be born!

So, to sum it all up - fantastic day!  Here's a peek at my purchases, well minus the Frappe...


  1. You totally should've shown us the frappe!
    I want to go on a shop hop with you some day. Looks like a grand ol' time, and can't wait to hear about the thread!
    And a side note, on my way home from NOLA, I was trying to find a shop along the way and called for directions. They asked where I was, I told them, they said I was 20 minutes away and they closed in 15. Really? REALLY? Big mistake. Big. HUGE! I would've dropped enough cash to pay their rent... Oh well!

    1. OMG... that would be total awesome-nicity! When you visit I am sure we'll managed to squeeze in a few shops -- and we'll definitely bring Nat and Nancy! Total chaotic craziness will ensue - and it will be amazingly insanely FUN!

  2. GOOD TIMES, I haven't laughed like that in a while!! ! Mclisa needs to join us next time!!

    1. That WAS an awesome day... down to ever last giggle!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time! That's what it's all about! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  4. Found your blog via MCQG. I enjoyed your little shop tour. I'm sorry to hear your only quilt shop closed.

    I'm crossing my fingers that these shops you've mentioned are within a short driving distance because my husband and I are moving to Stuart...him in November and me later on. I was really hoping to get away from driving an hour or more to get to good quilt shops like I have to here in Texas...ugh.