Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update on True Colors (mexican pinwheel)

I believe it has been almost forever since I've posted anything quilty!  I've posted my #PHOTOADAY challenges, I've posted two Fact-Filled Friday's already.  But not much quilty stuff...  that doesn't mean I haven't been creating, it just means I've been crazy over here in life-land, and I've also been doing a lot of major custom's for customer's (check out the other blog here).

A couple of months ago I decided to take part in the Crazy Quilters (one of my guilds) UFO Challenge.  You were to bring in 2-3 unfinished projects and let the members chose which UFO you would finish.  Well, I brought in two UFO's -- my silk embroidery quilt and my mexican pinwheel.  Well, mexican pinwheel won.  As part of this, my challenge is to have this quilt totally finished by the deadline of the October 3rd meeting!  Really?  Did I really sign up for this?  I usually work much better with deadlines... usually.

So, all those times that I'm not living life, and I'm not working on customer's beauties, I've been making circles.  Little 3/4" circles for around the border.

So, I was circling away when out of nowhere OCD showed up!  How could I possibly keep making circles and not know if there was a sort of balance to the colors...

So the circling continued until there were 88 of those little buggers!  

Also during all that circling the mexican pinwheel was named True Colors.  I was workng on making circles one night and it just happened to be after notifications of a quilt show and I was on facebook reading some "not-so-nice" comments.  Most people were congratulating others, but there were a few that weren't so joyful.  They weren't vicious, just not very nice, almost making the point that the quilts that were accepted were somehow less significant than others.  More like referencing that, but not actually saying it kind-of-thing.  So during all that "commotion" I kept saying wow, some people are really showing their true colors... hopefully my true colors never get that nasty shade of green!

So here is the latest picture of True Colors.  I've finished placing all the circles on the borders, now to just stitch them on... machine or hand, still not sure.

See, I have been working!  Until next time, happy quilting, stitching, piecing, appliqueing... what ever floats your boat and makes you happy!


  1. I love True Colors, can't wait to see how you quilt this.


  2. Hmmm, I'm thinking a little OCD would really help with all those tiny circles.
    The quilt top is going to be wonderful, so I'm really interested in seeing the amazing way you quilt it!

  3. I love all those little circles on that quilt....and it's going to be beautiful!....and yeah, I would have been counting each color, too, just so I didn't end up with all orange! lol

    And hey, what's up with people making 'sideways' comments about quilts in shows? As if they have to downgrade someone else's work, to make their own seem better (and only in their own tiny little mind!) I just don't understand it, but I have seen it on blogs before, and you're's their true colors showing! It's actually made me stop following a few blogs! I just don't want all that negativity while I'm trying to be immersed in beautiful and creative things! That's just bad mojo! :o)

  4. "True Colors" is going to be beautiful when you're done quilting it! :) Can't wait to see it! Sometimes, the quilts that are tedious during the construction process, turn out to be the most spectacular! All the time and effort shows and your quilting will put it over the top!!!! I think we're seeing another award winning quilt in the making! :)