Saturday, July 7, 2012

July... Really?!!

It is July - already!  Half the year is gone - poof - just like that!  This means one thing... I have some deadlines coming up.

September: Journeys Thru Art Group yearly project.  It wasn't really due this early but we are trying to get them finished for entry into a show in November.

September: entries due for the Mancuso show in West Palm Beach (World Quilt Show Florida - SE States Competition)... do I have anything completed -- NO!  Do I want to compete - YES!  Dilemma... the story of my life!

October: UFO Challenge -- I brought in my UFO's and the guild members chose which one I needed to finish.  Was I freaking nuts signing up for this?  I must've been, but then again, if I can get this project done by September (early) then I will also have a competition quilt ready for the Mancuso show in November -- hmmm, maybe my subconscious was thinking ahead.

October: MCQ Guild Challenge.  Yep, you remember last years project, Stella Luminosa, right?  You remember how it lived in the "I hate your right now corner" for months.  Well, guess what... I don't even have a project for this years challenge... not even a thought.  What I do have is my official piece of swapped fabric and a list of rules.  It must be a scrap quilt - 12 or more fabrics and must use the swapped fabric.  Hmmm... should I run with this?  I'm sure I can whip something up while I'm sleeping.

Thinking I seriously need a second machine because my customer schedule is booked solid through September!  I don't know when I'll be able to quilt my own stuff... lack of sleep sounds like a viable option!

Here's the worst part -- I know there is one more item for my deadlines list, but I can't remember what it is, and no, there is no post-it note either... I'm in trouble!

Oh, and on top of that stuff, I have two super-secret thingy's coming up... can't wait to share, but not yet... soon, I hope!


  1. You are not alone in the craziness of a quilter's life! We tend to always "bite off more than we can chew" and wonder how we're going to get it all done. Then when we've completed it, we have such a great sense of accomplishment for about two days and then dive into the next thing! You, however, have a double dose of the disease because you do it for a living as well as yourself! We definitely have an addiction!

  2. I usually remember things in the shower. I was going to get some water erasable markers to keep in there but my family rebelled-they said they didn't want to read my rambling graffiti on the walls.

    I have a question-why get a second machine? If you're booked solid, when would you find any time to operate the second machine? Just being a devil's advocate here. ;)

    1. Eileen - I have magna doodles and notebooks all over the house so that I can "remember" at any give time.
      Re: your "why get a second machine" question... well, I don't work on customer quilts 24 hours a day - even though I work from home I don't work non-stop just because I'm here. My competition quilts can take 2-3 weeks of solid quilting. That's a large chunk of time to block out of my customer schedule. With a second machine my pieces would be loaded and just waiting for me... you know, those two hours after dinner, an hour here, and hour there -- they add up.