Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ogee Rulers!!

I am beyond excited about my newest ruler - the OGEE!  They are currently available for PREORDER -- I'm hoping to have them in my hands for shipment mid-end January.  But, if you'd like to be one of the first to receive them, you might want to pre-order.  Here's a link to my website store, just scroll down until you see them.

As with everything, there is a story... here is the prototype photo:

The prototypes were designed based on my drawings.  Well... me being a lefty and all, I do many things from the right and don't even realize.  The actual rulers will be the reverse of what's in the photo -- you know, with 90% of the world doing things from the left my prototypes would be a little difficult.  Well, not really, as you flip the ruler around when you're using it, but having them aesthetically pleasing is kinda important to me.

So here are just a few of the awesome things possible:

Even as I'm typing this I'm thinking of even more ways to use this ruler!  

Oh, the details... I almost forgot!  The 2" is $15, the 4" is $22, and the 6" in $30 -- or you can buy the set of three for $60 and save!  So if you're interested, go ahead and follow the store link and place your preorder.  You'll get an email notification as soon as they are available (mid-end January).  I can't wait to see what all you amazing peeps can do with them!